แจกเพลง 200 Pounds Beauty OST 200 Pounds Beauty OST


Track List
Track listing:
1. Beautiful Girl - Kim Ah Joong
2. ? Byul (Star) - Youme
3. Maria - Kim Ah Joong
4. ???? - Loveholic
5. Dance With My Daddy - Alex (Clazziquai Project)
6. You Don't Know I Love You - U
7. ??? - Venny
8. Miss You Much - Youme
9. Beautiful Girl - Kim Ah Joong (feat. Alex, And)
10. ???? - Kim Hyun Joong
11. Byul (Star) (Original Dialogue Version) - Kim Ah Joong


Maria Lyrics
ja chigeum shijakhae jogeumsshik tteukeop ke
u duryeowohajima
gwelchyeo nunape jeo taeyangi kileul bichwo
u jeoldae meomchujima
Maria Ave Maria
jeo hwin gureum kkeutddaji nala
Maria Ave Maria
keochin pado ttawin sanggwan eopji

ki jeokeun ireohke nae nunipe gwelcheoisseo
u jeoldae meomchujima
Maria Ave Maria
jeo hwin kureum kkeut ttaji nala
Maria Ave Maria
keochin pado ttahwin sang gwan eopsji

meomchwobeorin shimjangjeoncheka
keotjapeut su eopshi ttwieowa
Maria Ave Maria
cheo hwim kureum kkeutkkaji nala
Maria Ave Maria
keochin pado ttahwin sang gwan eopji
Maria Ave Maria
cheo hwim kureum kkeutkkaji nala
Maria Ave Maria
keochin pado ttahwin sang gwan eopji

Byul Lyrics
param gyeoli changeul heundeulgo
nae gimalhan jakeun nawei pan weouro
areumduphge byulbijdeureul
kadeul chaewojuneyo
malhi aphahajimah
nalkkok aneunchae dadokyojumyeo
jakjara weouro haejuneyo
keodji mothalmankkeum himekyeowon aphawado
nunmuli apeul karyeowado
kajjimothal nae sarang aphedo nan useullaeyo
jamshimado kyeote haengboghattdeon giogdeureul
kashime kanjig halkeyo
du nune suno najin jeobyuldeul
cheoreom yeongwonhi

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